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NBC Solutions Co., Ltd. is a prestigious leading perfumery manufacturer in Vietnam certified for good manufacturing practices according to international GMP ISO 22716 Cosmetic standards.

Built and developed by highly qualified human resources and practical working experience in the perfumery and aromatherapy industry, NBC Solutions has a strong passion to create a leading branded perfume icon. world leader and outstanding quality to meet consumer demand. Moreover, NBC Solutions is the distribution partner of baby care and skin care products from Nature's Beauty Creations Ltd - the largest manufacturer of herbal products in Sri Lanka (Qualified factory). European GMP, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, National Green Award).

Our company's products are honored to have been exported to all over the world market, including some typical countries such as Austraylia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, New Zealand...

Buying products at the official NBC Solutions store, customers are completely assured of product quality and price.

Up to now, it can be said that the Panda Baby brand is the most valuable success story for us as the product is widely distributed and loved in domestic and international markets. Panda Baby is also proud to be the best certified baby care brand in Sri Lanka and is the rare brand to be Clinically Tested for Gentleness, Pediatric Tested and Dermatologically Tested at the Testing Unit. Certified by the US FDA.Through rigorous testing and reputable evaluation, Panda Baby is an outstanding guarantee for a line of trusted baby care products worldwide.

    Together with the Panda Baby brand, we are extremely proud to be allowed to receive the exclusive perfume formula from Nature's Beauty Creations Ltd, thanks to which we have created quality fragrances, long lasting fragrances. For both men and women, carrying our brands such as SUCSES, MISUMI, NS BLACK, IRIS, SELFIE,... Each product line is a unique creation of a different fragrance that brings a sense of well-being. confidence and affirmation of own personality, as a foundation to enhance inherent value for users.

Below is information about some of the products that we manufacture and distribute:

Let's take a walk around Nature's Beauty Creation factory - Sri Lanka's largest herbal cosmetics factory.

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