Panda Baby - International quality certified baby cosmetic brand.

An iconic brand, Panda Baby is trusted by moms and loved by babies. This is a rare baby care brand that is clinically tested for gentleness, pediatric and dermatologically tested in the USA, ensuring the highest quality and safety for your baby.
The Panda character is a symbol of the brand that is loved and respected by children. Panda Baby is another expression of care, friendship, excitement and adventure. The success of the Panda baby brand is a great honor and privilege for the manufacturer to bring so much joy and a colorful world filled with children's fragile hearts and young minds.

Panda Baby is also proud to be the best certified baby care brand in Sri Lanka and is the rare brand to be Clinically Tested for Gentleness, Pediatric Tested and Dermatologically Tested at the Testing Unit. Certified by the US FDA.Through rigorous testing and reputable evaluation, Panda Baby is an outstanding guarantee for a line of trusted baby care products worldwide.


Relying on our premium quality standards, coupled with our 100% guarantee that none of our Panda Baby products contain mineral oil, Panda Baby has enjoyed exceptional success as a baby care brand. baby international scope and is the first favorite choice of mothers at home and abroad.


Panda Baby is committed to product ingredients:

- 100% natural oil

- 100% natural extracts

- No paraben

- No mineral oil

- Formaldehyde free

- Fragrances are certified safe by the International Fragrance Association.

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